Drivershub provides a portal for clients to find the drivers according to their requirements. The portal also provides a scope for drivers to find clients who are looking for reliable and experienced drivers for their services.

How does it work?

  1. The driver completes a registration form, which requires them to provide their details and their professional credentials that include their driver's license and a Police Verification Certificate.

  2. Upon providing the correct credentials, the registration is complete, and the driver details are verified.

  3. The client can visit the portal looking for Drivers according to their requirements or provide DriversHub with their list of requirements to recruit reliable drivers.

  4. Drivers are shortlisted according to client requirements and presented to the client for selection.

  5. After the shortlisted driver profiles are forwarded to the client, they can do their research on driver credentials and select their driver's choice. A client can choose more than one driver, depending on their requirements.

  6. After the driver profiles are shortlisted and selected, there is an initial interview for the client's drivers, followed by negotiation on the rates of the services.

  7. After the interview and rate negotiation, the clients and the drivers are connected. A confirmation is sent, and the driver is hired under the payroll of DriversHub administration.

  8. Availing the services, Deivershub provides a monthly invoice to the clients depending on the services they choose, and the client has to pay Drivershub accordingly.

  9. After the client completes their payment, Drivershub pays the drivers for their services on their negotiated rates.