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Like so many online services, DriversHub was born in the back rooms of its founding members. Prince Kofi Osei and Edward Akosah spent many sleepless nights working on the original site back in 2016 - before quitting their day jobs to manage the site full time in 2018.

Since our humble beginnings, we've had contact made by over 300,000 employers looking to fill vacancies and almost one million candidates looking for jobs. That's a lot of happy customers and the number's climbing! To service that demand, we've welcomed more staff on board (there's now about 6 of us working here behind the scenes), and consequently we keep having to move to larger office space!

With this growth in mind, we are busy streamlining our service to ensure that more people than ever before are finding what they need through our site. You’ve probably noticed some big changes around here recently, and there are even more to come. Coupled with strong relationship we build with candidates through social media, this mean that we are fast-becoming one of the UK’s go to destination when people are looking for recruitment in the delivery services sector.

DriversHub was formed with the sole intention of supporting other businesses, so whether you need a temporarily or permanently expand your Drivers team to cover an unexpectedly large contract, or have a permanent need for more staff, we are here to ensure this happens quickly and efficiently. We also have screening and testing processes in place to make sure the new team members we find you are a perfect fit. There is nothing worse than having to work through a series of new starters, invest time and training and then discover they do not have the skills needed to adequately fill the role, landing you back at square one. Our aim is always to place drivers who will be a credit to your company and perform well in the position you need to fill.

Recruitment can be a headache for many companies, especially if you have a small admin team. You need to focus on what you do, as professionals in your industry and this means your main staffing need falls there. Staffing a human resources section is a nice idea, but for many companies not really financially viable. Outsourcing has become a popular way to cover tasks you cannot cover for yourself, and with DriverHub also gives you a stress-free route to finding specialised staff without a massive drain on your time.

Our screening and vetting process is crucial to ensuring we are picking people who will thrive and benefit your business. If you are not a recruitment specialist, this can be a nightmare to cover. It is a complex process, and we ensure that our checks are in-depth, so only the best candidates are progressed. We can check financial backgrounds, right to work, criminal records checks, and of course employment history and qualifications to make sure candidates really do match your job descriptions. Finally, we ensure that the service we offer is cost-effective, there is no point pricing ourselves out of the market, so we aim to provide a sensibly priced service that delivers what you actually need, not just a close second.

Prince Kofi Osei - Director

It was back in the 2013 when I had the idea for a website that would make it easier to find drivers. At the time, I was working as a  service provider for one of the world largest retail services companies in the world, and I used to deal with a number of agencies in order to find drivers - which meant that I already knew a fair bit about the recruitment industry. 

When I decided to start looking for a new challenge in 2016, I knew that I wanted to contact some specialist sales and management recruitment agencies, but quickly found that there was no easy way to find agencies who specialised in particular industries and job roles. That's where the

idea for Drivers Hub came from. Since launching the company in 2018, we've made some bad decisions along the way just like any business, but what has kept us going is our desire to be the best possible resource to help candidates and employers find the most suitable recruitment agencies to work with.

In my personal life, I like to spend time with my family and friends, dining out, and touring around the world. Sport wise, I'm a big fan of Manchester City.    

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