About Us

Similar to most online services, DriversHub was developed in the backroom of the founder members Prince K.O. Opoku and Edward Akosah. They spent several sleepless nights developing the original website in 2017 and quit their job in 2019 to manage the website full-time.

Since the beginning, we have had employer contacts looking to fill vacancies and almost 300,000 candidates looking for jobs. We have a lot of happy customers, and the numbers are rising. To serve the rising demand, we have six of us working behind the scenes, and we welcome more staff on-board, and we are not moving into a large office. We all working from home.

With the growth in mind, we are busy streamlining our services to ensure more people can find jobs that they are looking for through our side. You probably have seen some serious changes around the website recently, and there are even more to come. Combined with a robust relationship that we build with candidates through social media, we are on our way to becoming one of the UK's go-to destinations for people looking for recruitment in the delivery service sectors.

DriversHub was formed to support other businesses solely. Whether you require a temporary driver for unexpected large contract delivery or you want to strengthen your drivers' team permanently, we are here to ensure a quick and efficient solution for all your problems.

We have extensive screening and testing processes in place to ensure that your new team member is a perfect fit for your requirements. There is nothing worse than having to work through a series of new members, invest time, and train them to discover their lack of skills required to complete the designated job, leaving you baffled adequately. We aim to provide drivers who will have skills to offer to add credit to your company and perform brilliantly in the position you need to fill.

Recruitment can be problematic for many companies, especially when you possess a small recruiting team. It would be best if you focused on your business, as a professional in your niche, which means that your main staffing needs to be exactly what you want. Hiring a Human Resource team can prove beneficial, but many companies cannot afford to hire one or consider it as a financial setback at the moment. Outsourcing has become a popular practice to complete tasks that you are unable to complete yourself, and DriversHub provides you with a stress-free route to discovering specialized staff without any huge setback on your schedule.

Our screening and vetting procedure is important to ensure pickling the proper candidate to thrive and benefit your organization. If you fail to recruit any specialists, covering certain tasks can be tedious. Although a complex procedure, we ensure that our in-depth checks allow only the best candidates to progress. We look into financial records, right to work, criminal records, employment history, and the obvious education to ensure that the candidates match your job profiles and business requirements.

Finally, we ensure that the services that are offered services are cost-effective by offering the most competitive prices. We provide a sensible priced service that delivers exactly what you need and not the second best.

Benefit of Driverhub

  • Get Jobs
  • Scalable and Stable
  • Protocol execution by invitations
  • Ledger maintenance through validation