• Databse of 20,000+ people from van drivers, HGV drivers, bus drivers to forklift drivers.
  • Online customer portal with time sheets and schedules
  • Matching staff to your specific requirements
  • Regular catch-ups and on-site visits for quality control
  • Out of hours service


  • Over 10,000 jobs advertised online
  • Local presence – national reach
  • Equal opportunities and best wage employer
  • Fully loaded staff portal and mobile phone app
  • Rated one of the best agencies to work for

About Us

DriversHub Recruitment Agency

Similar to most online services, DriversHub was developed in the backroom of the founder members Prince Kofi Osei and Edward Akosah. They spent several sleepless nights developing the original website in 2016 and quit their job in 2018 to manage the website full-time.

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Benefit of Driverhub

  • Get Jobs
  • Scalable and Stable
  • Protocol execution by invitations
  • Ledger maintenance through validation
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Driving Recruitment Agency

DriversHub Driving Recruitment Alleviates Logistics Nightmare

DriversHub offers you a flexible approach for you to carefully find people looking for various job roles as we understand that your requirements can vary from a driver for a couple of days, to a driver for a few weeks or a month. Some of our drivers prefer part-time work whereas others prefer a full-time work routine. We can provide you with HGV1 drivers who enjoy long road journeys and others who are comfortable driving small vehicles like HGV2. This indicates that we can assist you in finding the ideas driver for your job. In some cases when we do not have someone ready to hit the road at a moment’s notice, we work hard to find you an efficient driver fitting your requirements quickly.

We can provide you with:

  • HGV and LGV Drivers
  • Multi-Drop Delivery Drivers
  • Forklift and other Specialist Drivers

Driving Recruitment Agency

Driving Recruitment Agency

Quality Driver Recruitment

We could not do our job properly if we did not ensure that we are able to provide you with your requirements hassle-free. We strive to support our clients exactly the way we support and care about our team. Keeping client satisfaction and security in mind, we have developed an elaborate screening process that is sure to cover all bases for you to not face any unexpected surprises from your hired driver. As a basic screening process, we look into a detailed documentation of our drivers’ driving license, and we go beyond that to do our own skill screenings and background checks to be absolutely sure about our drivers.

Our drivers are sure to be:

  • Reliable
  • Trustworthy
  • Honest
  • Dedicated
  • Compliant

Driving Recruitment Agency

Driving Recruitment Checks

In-depth Recruitment Process and License Checks

Additional to the driving license, we perform a thorough check on work history, take up references, and make sure that the driver has the right documents and conditions to work in the UK. We perform different checks based on the industry and ensure a complete detailed profile of our driver for our transport and logistics clients. Our screening process involves qualification checks, screening and vetting, right to work verification, work references, personal references, and DBS/CRB checks. If you want to be sure of our screening process and want legitimate documents, our team is always happy to assist you to go through the whole process.

Driving Recruitment Checks